How can I order online?

You can shop by color, fabric or model using the menu bar at the top of the Shop.

Click on the image to go to the product details page for specific information and possible sizes for the selected item. Select the desired item and it will end up in your shopping cart. When it is in your shopping basket you can confirm and pay for the order.

Click on ‘View shopping cart’ to view the items in your shopping cart. You can delete articles by clicking on ‘Delete’. Click ‘Continue shopping’ to continue shopping, or click ‘Pay’ if you want to checkout. Read our Terms and Conditions before you place an order.

What is the delivery service of Jacqi?

Jacqi sends all orders within the Netherlands for free with a standard service from PostNL, after registration on the newsletter. Are you interested in international shipping? Please visit the information page International Delivery & Returns where you can find the costs and the estimated delivery time of your bathrobe. 

Is it possible to have a different delivery address then a billing address?

Yes. During the payment process, you will be asked whether the billing address is the same as the delivery address. If this is not the case, please fill in the delivery address and we will send the Jacqi bathrobe there. Note that we do not send to mailboxes.

Can I give a Jacqi bathrobe as a present?

Yes of course you can! If you want us to add a handwritten card, we will write it with love. Send an e-mail to info@jacqi.nl and indicate what may be on the card and we will send it along.

How do I know if a bathrobe is still in stock?

All bathrobes are in stock unless it is mentioned “Sold Out”. Be aware that when there is a product in your shopping cart it will be reserved for you once the order is completed.

What are the payment methods?

When completing your order, you can choose how you prefer to pay. We offer the following options:

Bank transfer

Is the payment process safe?

All sensitive and credit card information is provided through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts your information before it is sent to us. This way the information is protected against unauthorized use.

What is the return policy of Jacqi?

Jacqi complies with the return policy that is applicable to Dutch webshops. For more information please see our Return Policy. 

When can I expect my package?

Orders made on weekdays before 1:00 PM – of which the delivery address is in the Netherlands – can be received the next business day. We depend on the delivery service and can not give a 100% guarantee in the event of strikes, weather conditions, holidays or other unforeseen circumstances, but we will do our best for you!

Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?

Our delivery service delivers the packages on weekdays and Saturdays. Sundays and national holidays are not covered in the delivery overview. 

Can I track and trace my order?

Yes, of course that is possible! When your order has been sent you receive an email with your track & trace number. On the website of the delivery service you can check the current status of your order. 

Are the delivery costs for free?

All orders with a Dutch delivery address will be sent free of charge after you have registered for the newsletter. We use the standard PostNL service. For international shipments the regular delivery costs apply and there may be import costs. Go to our international delivery & shipping options tab for more information.

Can I place an order for outside of the Netherlands?

Yes, we ship to many countries. Click on the following link for the list of international shipping costs and estimated delivery time. Is your country not on the list? Send an email to info@jacqi.nl. Charges, taxes and customs fees may apply to international shipments. We advise you to contact local authorities if you have any questions about this.

From which fabric is a Jacqi bathrobe made?

The Jacqi bathrobe is made out of different types of material and techniques to ensure that the jacket feels soft, luxurious and comfortable. All fabrics comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a testing and certification system for textiles. The standard focuses on limiting the use of harmful substances in relation to the health of the end user. Go to Corporate Responsibility in the FAQ for more information about Oeko-Tex.

The inside of the bathrobe is made out of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. We have applied a new technological innovation so that your skin touches the soft part of the cotton, so from now on, never again a strange loop that hangs loose. This technological development also ensures that when you wash the bathrobe less water is needed. This is a win-win situation for you and the environment!

The exterior of the bathrobe is 100% 300TC satin, which means that 300 yarns per inch are next to each other. And that is a lot! This high level quality creates a slightly shiny fabric that describes itself as luxuriously soft because of its smooth and supple character. As a rule, the more threads the better the quality. The feature of cotton satin is that it gives color extra shine and depth, in addition it wrinkles less than percal. By weaving satin in the same vertical direction you create a flat, smooth, soft and subtly shiny fabric that expresses luxury. The light fabric is breathable and does not feel heavy. 

The collar of the Jacqi bathrobe is made of a double velvet layer so that it falls softly on the skin and also brings a feeling of warmth around the neck. Velours is characterized by the fact that it is a strong fabric with a long lifespan, so there are no bald spots in the collar!

For the details in the bathrobe we once again opted for satin, we love luxury! The ribbon on the inside of the bathrobe can be used to adjust the bathrobe to your preference  and is made out of satin. This way we ensure that everything that touches your skin feels soft and you can start the day in love & kindness.

How do I know if a bathrobe fits?

On our product pages you will find a button called ‘size chart’. Below this button you will find a table with guidelines on how to measure and choose the best size. The unique thing is that on the inside of the bathrobe there is a satin ribbon so that you can always adjust the size to your preference. It depends on your own style whether you want to wear the bathrobe directly on the skin or rather wear it on top of other clothe so that it is more of a dressing gown. Jacqi bathrobe is characterized by the fact that it has a feminine cut.

I am in doubt between two sizes, what to do?

It depends on your own style whether you want to wear the bathrobe directly on to your skin or rather wear it above something else so that it is more of a dressing gown. Unlike the regular bathrobes, a Jacqi bathrobe is fitted so it creates a feminine and elegant silhouette. Do you doubt between two sizes? You can always send an email to info@jacqi.nl with a full body photo so that we can provide you with advice. Give your preference if you want the bathrobe more fitted or want it a bit looser so we can give you the advice without any obligation. Our size range is small, medium and large.

Where do I find the size chart?

You can find the size chart on the productpage: the page where you place a product in your shopping bag.

How do I need to wash the bathrobe?

Do not set the temperature of the washing machine higher than 40 ° C and preferably choose a program for the delicate / delicate laundry. In addition, your clothes will stay nicer if you use a detergent without bleach and your clothes will feel softer with the use of a fabric softener. The bathrobe must not be placed in the tumble dryer to prevent it from shrinking. Cotton is a natural product and sensitive to discoloration by the sun. Therefore, do not let cotton dry in direct sunlight and it is best to let the bathrobe dry on a sturdy hanger.

Can I iron the bathrobe?

The satin exterior of the bathrobe can be ironed at a maximum temperature of 150 ° C. Through the opening at the bottom it is easy to iron the satin layer on the inside. We do not recommend ironing the satin layer from the outside (where the prints are). The ironing of the velour inside of the bathrobe is not necessary and can damage the fabric.

Can I bring the bathrobe to the dry cleaner?

The bathrobe is made of high quality and natural cotton, but keep in mind that clothing generally gets damaged quicker by washing it a lot. Would you rather take the bathrobe to the dry cleaner? That is possible, but please note that no trichlorethylene may be used. This can damage the prints. 

About Jacqi

At Jacqi we love nature, the environment, people and beautiful things. We combine these aspects very seriously. We work with the international Oeko-Tex system, we produce according to all EU legislation, we stimulate local entrepreneurship and we inform about sustainable use of water through our social media channels.

In the search for the right factory, we have ensured that no use is made of child labor, employees have the right to unite, and that employees are paid on time. In order to save the environment as much as possible, we wanted a factory that was “close to home” and so we chose Portugal. In Portugal people find quality and craftsmanship as important as us. Together we spend a lot of time, care and love towards your bathrobes. And you notice that when wearing Jacqi.

We have also chosen to work with PostNL’s service for delivering the packages. We believe that PostNL is progressive in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly logistical challenges. By entering into a partnership with them, we support this process.

At Jacqi we want to produce a fair product for a fair price.

What is Oeko-Tex?

Oeko-Tex is an independent test and certification system within the global textile industry that ensures that the producer works safely and that the end product has been created in a safe manner. For this, it is tested throughout the production process whether the substances are treated and processed safely. Oeko (Öko) stands for Eco, and Tex refers to textiles. Ecotextile! Oeko-tex was founded in 1992, because at that time there was a lot of news about harmful chemicals in textiles and clothing. To do something about this, and to prove that clothing can also be made without harmful substances, the Oeko-Tex100 standard has been made. The requirements in this standard are very strict, and are also strictly controlled.

How does Oeko-Tex works?

The standard is managed by the International Oeko-Tex Association. Institutes are connected to the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex) to test whether products meet the criteria. Oeko-Tex acts independently and oversees worldwide.


Jacqi is specially designed for the elegant and self-confident woman. But how did we know what all those women prefer to wear in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening? When and how does a woman feel at ease nowadays? For this, we first had the bathrobes tested by a group of women and asked them what is important for them in terms of fabric, design, fit and color. We also wanted to make sure that women like the Jacqi bathrobes to give and receive, so we designed the gift box with a small club. We want every woman to always take a moment for herself. So read that magazine quietly, blow your hair one more time and drink that cup of coffee while feeling the warmth of a Jacqi bathrobe around you!

Finally, we worked together with women as much as possible in establishing the creative process. Our elegant house style was designed by Vera Reijrink, the website was designed by Zefyra Nieuwenhuijsen and the photography was done by Marie Broeckman.

How can I contact the customer service?

You can send an email to info@jacqi.nl or call +31 20 75 22 37. We can be reached on working days from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.