We have designed six bathrobes that all celebrate the female body and are characterized by classic and playful prints. The bathrobes resemble the city of Amsterdam. Cosmopolitan, fun, innovative and a bit on the edge. From now on you can start the day in style and prepare yourself to conquer the world. And we know better than anyone else, the best way to start your day is wrapped in love.


Jacqi considers sustainability to be of paramount importance in the creation of a feminine  bathrobe, we love nature and especially water. In the search for the perfect factory we found real professionals in Portugal whom embrace the love for bathroom textiles and work according to worldwide OEKO-TEX standards. This means that your bathrobe is produced under fair conditions. In addition, from the residual materials along the proces of making your bathrobe ecological bedding textile is being made, so we already up-cycled your bathrobe! This allows you to experience high-end quality for a fair price. We use durable fabrics and finish the bathrobe by hand so that you can enjoy it for years to come.